Ikea, the good, the bad and the Bland[AR] Future.

Ikea have recently released a new app called ‘Place’ that lets users try before they buy using the new Augmented Reality software featured on the new iPhone 8 and X… This AR technology isn’t exactly new; remember your kids (and you) playing Pokemon GO on almost all android and iOS devices. We wanted to look at IKEAS partnership with apple on their new technology and how it will affect the Swedish retail Giant.

Ikea Place

The Good. After 30 years in the UK and a store within a 50 mile radius of wherever you are, IKEA have become the go-to store for all your furnishing needs. We see this as a great thing – engaging the public in affordable, modern-ish interior design. With this accessibility and affordability, it would be hard to walk into anyone’s home without finding a KALLAX cube unit hiding the general junk of everyday life.

The Bad. As a Design company, there are plenty of ways we could pick faults in Ikea’s products and ethos, but that’s not what we are about. Sorry.

The Future. Earlier this year, it was announced that IKEA will start selling flat-pack furniture through Amazon (and in some cases offering Prime delivery). For everyone other than the ITV show 60 Minute makeover this is a real problem, especially when combined with the new Place app. IKEA’s best selling point is the in-store experience it offers and without this, are we looking at a very bland future for the furniture retail giant? IKEAs current incarnation at least gives the average joe a little bit of inspiration to create the type of home they want and within a certain budget. The stores create a place for most families to visit and if nothing else at least offers inspiration and kickstarts design ideas. This is to be admired. The new announcements will surely lose this budget-friendly design interaction IKEA offers the everyday family.


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